Interview Advice

Before Interview

Job Search

  • Know your strengths and accept your weaknesses
  •  Be genuine
  • Be realistic
  •  Be committed
  •  Keep yourself healthy in body and spirit


  • Attractive.
  •  Wear business attire. Long sleeves are essential give a serious look.
  •  Get a leg up. Wearing socks or hosiery is non-negotiable.
  •  Put your best foot forward. Shoes are the strongest indicators of your socioeconomic status.
  •  Look successful. A successful image attracts greater success.
  •  Wear a metal watch. It adds enduring strength and power to business image
  •  Be confident. Stand tall and open your shoulders.
  •  Get a-head. A stylish haircut is essential to a professional image.

 Do Research Before Interview

You must impress the interviewer with your knowledge about the company and the industry. After all, they will have loads of information about you. You need to gather as much information about the company as possible.

 Check out the company’s website.
 Search in newspapers to see how the company performs.
 Find information about their competitors.
 Find information about the person who will be interviewing you
 Know the names and job title of the person you will be speaking to.

During The Interview


 Prepare a professional case
 Extra copies of your resume
 Copies of your referee letters
 Paper and two pens to take notes



  • Offer your firmest handshake. This shows confidence.
  •  Make eye contact. Looking at your interviewer straight in the eyes shows that you are confident and honest. Smile. Shining your pearly whites shows you are easy going and relaxed.
  •  Sit up straight.
  •  Speak up, but never interrupt.
  •  Sit up straight.
  •  Laugh, if possible. Every employer wants to hire someone with an easygoing personality.
  •  Breathe. Inhaling and exhaling will keep you calm and more prepared for whatever is thrown to you.
  •  Don’t freak out if you make a mistake. The best way to handle is to remain calm. The interviewer will remember more as to how you react to your mistake.
  •  Leave the employer with a good final impression. Smile, thank them for their time, say you enjoyed discussing the job and that you look forward to hearing from them soon.

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