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Systems Administrator – (3 Vacancies in different areas: Middleware / Linux / Database)

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  • Assist in the system architectural design and solutions to meet business requirements and cost effectiveness
  • Manage and provide technical support on system software and hardware
  • Perform system installation, testing and periodic system software/hardware upgrade
  • Conduct and implement strategic, system capacity and disaster recovery planning
  • Maintain good performance on system infrastructure and high system availability at all times by managing and maintaining effective emergency fix, recovery and contingency processes
  • Monitor and report systems performance by using relevant monitoring tools
  • Plan and implement effective problem diagnosis and management processes and perform trouble shooting and problem resolution
  • Prepare system documentation and reporting
  • Develop and execute procedures which ensure, at all times, the security and integrity of operating systems, application systems and data
  • Under the direction from the Management, evaluate and propose hardware, operating systems and software packages and utilities with maximum cost performance. Make appropriate proposals for continuous improvement of services
  • Provide proactive advice and assistance, on the features of, and the use of the operating systems software and utilities, midrange servers and peripherals


  • University degree in electrical/electronic, computer engineering/science or related discipline
  • Minimum 4 years’systems administration in either one of the following area:
    • MiddleWare : WAS , MQ
    • Linux Administration
    • Database Administration
  • Good command of spoken and written English and Chinese
  • Good problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills and able to work under pressure

Mobile Developer

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  • Will help create and manage the app based on the work produced by the back-end developer. Work closely with the CTO and CMO.
  • Integrate the algorithms / architecture from back-end developer into the app
  • Owns the creation, management, and distribution of the app
  • Develop and work on the UI/UX of the app


  • Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Mathematics/Physics, Business, Marketing, Arts
  • Has already published apps on different app stores and familiar with multiplatform app distribution
  • Experienced in producing high quality, production grade application code
  • Experienced in developing frontend web and mobile applications with react, react-native, or native mobile frameworks
  • Confident with CSS, Web Design, and theming material components
  • Can deploy app for both Android and iOS operating systems
  • Not afraid of using Git
  • Understanding of Agile and web cycle development recommended
  • Team player
  • Creative
  • Successfully produced apps (portfolio required) with more than 100K downloads
  • Experienced with the Flutter framework

IT Security Engineer / IT Security Specialist

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Deal of knowledge about hardware and software configuration for servers, networks, computer and peripherals
Troubleshoot networks, computes, and peripherals
Provide security consultancy service to various IT projects and initiatives
Provisioning & Installation of IT hardware and software
Effective written and verbal communication skills are vital in this role, as the candidate will work directly with application and infrastructure personnel
Coordinate vendors to implement project and Vendor management & performance measurement
Documentation for IT security policies and standards

Diploma / University Graduate Computer Science, Information Technology or related disciplines
At least 5 years of solid experience in IT Infrastructure
Qualification in ITIL, CISA / CISSP holder is an advantage
Experience in IT projects & IT Security projects are preferred
Experience in vendor management is preferred
Familiar with Wintel/Linux platform & virtualization
Familiar with Check Point Firewall & Cisco Network & Backup Strategy
Ability to communicate security-related concepts to a broad range of technical and non-technical staff
Good understanding of operating system platforms and security models, holistic set of IT technologies and processes (operating system, networking, ITSM, change management, disaster recovery, monitoring and etc…)
Strong communication or language skills
Ability to work proactively, independently & on tight schedule
Ethnical, hardworking, responsible and pleasant with good interpersonal skills



愈來愈多公司採取更寬鬆及靈活的人力資源策略,一份IWG Global Workspace的問卷顯然告訴我們這樣做員工更開心、做事更有效率,過半員工表示一個星期至少有兩日半的時間不在辦公室裡面工作。容許員工這樣做的原因除了提升員工的士氣及工作效率外,也有一個很重要的因素,便是聘請外地人才。要知道不同地區同一個工作崗位的薪金可以相距很離,要是能以更低的成本招聘相同甚至能力更佳的海外員工,然後容訴他們遙距工作,是多麼化算的事情!

市面上亦有愈來愈多平台容許公司無地區限制靈活處理日常工作,就好像專用來內部溝通的Slack、處理工作程序的Trello及新興起的全方位工作系統平台Notion等。要是你的公司還在用古老的工作系統或Whatsapp Group溝通,是時候要向老闆推薦一下了!


幾間科技巨頭公司例如是Google, FacebookAlibaba的僱主品牌已經非常入屋,優秀的僱主品牌讓他們不用擔心找不到人才,大把畢業生或現職人士都搶著加入這些公司,她們顧著後面的面試及人才管理就好。但到底怎樣才能建立好的僱主品牌?首先,你要確保公司有明確的價值觀及文化,然後,就可以透過社交媒體去與你的目標人才溝通了。





Interview Advice

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Before Interview

Job Search

  • Know your strengths and accept your weaknesses
  •  Be genuine
  • Be realistic
  •  Be committed
  •  Keep yourself healthy in body and spirit


  • Attractive.
  •  Wear business attire. Long sleeves are essential give a serious look.
  •  Get a leg up. Wearing socks or hosiery is non-negotiable.
  •  Put your best foot forward. Shoes are the strongest indicators of your socioeconomic status.
  •  Look successful. A successful image attracts greater success.
  •  Wear a metal watch. It adds enduring strength and power to business image
  •  Be confident. Stand tall and open your shoulders.
  •  Get a-head. A stylish haircut is essential to a professional image.

 Do Research Before Interview

You must impress the interviewer with your knowledge about the company and the industry. After all, they will have loads of information about you. You need to gather as much information about the company as possible.

 Check out the company’s website.
 Search in newspapers to see how the company performs.
 Find information about their competitors.
 Find information about the person who will be interviewing you
 Know the names and job title of the person you will be speaking to.

During The Interview


 Prepare a professional case
 Extra copies of your resume
 Copies of your referee letters
 Paper and two pens to take notes



  • Offer your firmest handshake. This shows confidence.
  •  Make eye contact. Looking at your interviewer straight in the eyes shows that you are confident and honest. Smile. Shining your pearly whites shows you are easy going and relaxed.
  •  Sit up straight.
  •  Speak up, but never interrupt.
  •  Sit up straight.
  •  Laugh, if possible. Every employer wants to hire someone with an easygoing personality.
  •  Breathe. Inhaling and exhaling will keep you calm and more prepared for whatever is thrown to you.
  •  Don’t freak out if you make a mistake. The best way to handle is to remain calm. The interviewer will remember more as to how you react to your mistake.
  •  Leave the employer with a good final impression. Smile, thank them for their time, say you enjoyed discussing the job and that you look forward to hearing from them soon.

Resume Tips

How to write a resume
Purpose of writing a resume

Your resume is your personal sales tool for success in business. It is of paramount importance to introduce yourself and your skills to the potential employers. It is also essential to plan what to include in your resume

  • You must grab the reader’s attention with the relevant information
  • You must hold the reader’s interest
  • You must create a desire for the reader to meet you
  • You must give sufficient information which matched with the offered job.

Cover Letter
A great cover letter can differentiate your CV from the countless others. It is an excellent chance to summarize your skills and experience, and get across any key points that do not fit within the format of your CV.

 Below are some guidelines when you are writing your cover letter:

  • Where possible, address the relevant contact listed in the advertisement
  • Include the job title, reference number and where and when you saw the advertisement
  • Be concise and explain why your skills and experience are relevant to the advertised role.
  • Clearly state why you are interested in the position and company
  • Describe what you could bring to the job that sets you apart from the others
  • Avoid lengthy repetition of information covered in your CV
  • Ensure you tailor your cover letter for each job
  • Negative information of any sort should be avoided
  • Keep your cover letter between 3-4 paragraphs in length
  • Ensure that you spell check and proof read your cover letter thoroughly before submission.


Never undermine the importance of your CV. Your CV determines whether you can make it through to the interview stage.


  • Personal Details
  • Career Interests (Expected Salary , Availability)
  • Education & Qualifications
  • Career History
  • Summary of Skills
  • Language
  • Referees

A warm reminder

  • Use a common programme such as MS Word
  • Print on two-sided
  • Ensure there is plenty of white space making it easier for the reader to read
  • Use a standard font size that is easy to read on screen
  • Use subheadings wherever possible
  • List your employment history starting from most recent job
  • List your employment history with the months as well as years
  • Include any volunteer and charity work, or other significant achievements
  • Include contact details of at least two referees.