Indonesia Offshore Team

In 2019, NP Solution Limited has expanded to Indonesia. At the same time, we introduce Indonesia Offshore Team options for corporates that are looking for a quality and budget-friendly alternative for competitive roles in the IT world.

What makes a different?

  • Remote office in Indonesia (hosted by NP Solution Indonesia)
  • Talent sourcing, selection and staffing service coverage
  • Smart & tech-savvy Indonesian within a friendly cost

3 months pioneer period is available!

Recruitment Process

Gathering hiring criteria

  • Genuinely understanding the nature & business needs
  • Set up hiring plans & prospect possible candidates


  • Conduct talent profile matching & initial screening
  • Align expectations & arrange interviews

Expectation management

  • Align expectations between employers & employees (offer details, company culture & goals)
  • Consistent follow-up after first day of work

Common Concerns

How can I manage offshore team? My team is mostly physically present in Hong Kong.

Offshore team will station in NP Solution Indonesia office. Specific cultural lead can be assigned to follow up and maintain offshore team members.

I do not really know Indonesia. Why is it a good fit for partnering and working together?

  1. Language and cultural fit are important selection criteria for us. We will assess candidates’ English and Mandarin language level (especially Indonesian Chinese), making sure that communication and interaction will be smooth.
  2. You can look for stable and quality talent reasonable cost. You can expect a much balanced IT talents and openings in Indonesia!

How can I ensure the offshore team members are of good quality and attitude?

Before referral, shortlisted offshore team members are selected through interviews by consultants in Hong Kong, who understand the best about Hong Kong corporate IT landscape & needs.

For us, Attitude and ability are what makes a good candidate.