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What is Secondment?

Secondment means a temporary movement or ‘loan’ of an employee to another part of an organization or to a completely different organization. Employees can be seconded into organizations ranging from major commercial businesses, public services and schools through to small local groups and charities.

Benefits of Secondment: 


Realize your strategic plans and business development. Secondment Services from NP Solution allows clients to hire staffs who do not have headcount approval to offload the administration of staffing and payroll from daily work.

Assist throughout the recruitment process of the secondment staffs, from selection of candidates to interview and appointment documents. We will also administer payroll, MPF, attendance, insurance enrollment, tax report, contract extensions and follow up. This will help save the costs and add value to client’s daily operation. 

Gain instant external support and assistance for inhouse operations and projects.


Broaden the opportunity of wider career and personal development than at work Acquires valuable experience in more challenges and opportunities Able to test and apply specific skills in a different organizational environment.