Back-end Developer


  • Will help translate and write algorithms to process the data for both the app and on the cloud. Work closely with the CDSO to translate models into algorithms.
  • Support the backbone architecture and infrastructure of the company in the cloud
  • Ensure the stability and availability of the WeaverNest services and databases in production
  • Translate and optimise mathematical models into Python algorithms
  • Write backend services and APIs (Python and/or NodeJS) to serve data to analytics and frontend applications


  • Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Mathematics/Physics
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Experienced in producing high quality, production grade application code
  • Experienced programmer in Python and NodeJS
  • Hands on with relational and non-relational databases, e.g. MySQL and MongoDB
  • Strong knowledge of integrating with frontend technologies (JavaScript, Mobile)
  • Familiar with Linux/Unix environments
  • Knowledge of cloud services (e.g. AWS EC2, S3 and RDS)
  • Knowledge of REST APIs
  • Not afraid of using Git
  • Understanding of Agile and web cycle development recommended
  • Team player
  • 5+ years as a backend developer
  • Familiar with AWS architecture and setup of VPS (AWS Solution Architect certification)
  • Experience with writing back to front end code, REST APIs and /or GraphQL
  • Experience with Terraform, Kubernetes, and Docker
  • Experience working with Graph databases
  • Experience working with Pandas, SciPy, Scikit-learn and Flask

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