Backend Developer (Python + Django)


  • Design and architect production ready systems
  • Research and develop functional prototypes / POC
  • Integrate third party API with our system
  • Build new features related to conversational AI
  • Develop scalable and maintainable software
  • Develop RESTful API to communicate with our frontend
  • Develop RESTful API for programmatic access
  • Build software that will work on various virtual assistant
  • Use open source software and frameworks as appropriate
  • Evaluate and resolve product related issues


  • At least 2 years software development experience
  • Have experience working with Python and Django or similar technologies
  • Ability to build production grade software
  • Experienced in Various NLP services like DialogFlow, LUIS, Lex
  • Experienced in crafting clean, thoughtfully designed codebase
  • Familiar with Docker
  • Good understanding of REST API and experience with building them
  • Professional experience with a python based web application framework, such as Django. Experience in Django is preferred.
  • Quick learner with an ambitious and results driven personality
  • Self-starter who can work independently.
  • Culturally inclusive, collaborative and respectful

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