C++ Developer (Algorithm trading)


  • Understand the various exchange protocols using the documentation and design and implement the libraries to implement those protocols.
  • Understand and implement ultra-low latency C++ software which can handle throughput as well as speed of operation.
  • Engage with traders to find out the microstructure of the price formation.
  • Get involved in technology improvement and better language/software adoption.
  • Work on applications with special hardware. (FPGA/Solarflare)


  • Creative problem-solving and analysis skills
  • Open and ego-less communication skills
  • A positive “never-give-up” attitude
  • High sense of responsibility to finish and implement their work or project
  • Ability to quickly test and validate any hypothesis or task
  • A degree in computer science
  • Minimum 2-3 years’ experience with market data or order entry connectivity for a major financial exchange
  • Expertise in building low latency architecture
  • A strong background in data structures, algorithms in C++
  • Working knowledge of Linux and networks
  • Good familiarity with recent version of C++ (C++14, C++17).
  • Good to have: experience with Solarflare
  • Good to have: knowledge of kernel modules especially tcp/ip stack
  • Good to have: knowledge about cpu offload processing (GPU etc.)

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