Devops Engineer – US based startup


  • Designing infrastructure and automated systems to support distributed architecture
  • Developing tools to manage configuration and deployment of large server clusters
  • Forecasting and planning for the infrastructure needs of a fast-growing SaaS company and finding ways to improve the efficiency
  • Collaborating with our team to detect, resolve and enhance infrastructure problems
  • Maintaining highly available and redundant web and backend systems that serve 1000’s of users, and 1000’s of requests per second.


  • BS in Information Systems or Computer Science, related field experience, or both
  • Experience working with automated server configuration and deployment tools
  • Experience with large scale global Products, services and security
  • Extensive experience in cloud technologies ( AWS )
  • Experience with Task automation, increasing efficiencies, costs savings and reducing error in an online environment
  • Proficient with Git, Docker, Docker Compose and Swarm
  • Knowledge of database design, sharding, replication, scaling and administration (MySQL, MongoDB,Neo4j, InfluxDB, Redis etc )
  • Proficiency with Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, Amazon Elastic Container Service, Grafana
  • General web development background preferred ( Java, Spring Framework, Servlets, Tomcat, Maven,REST, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS )
  • Experience with Streaming Platforms and Message Brokers ( Kafka ) is a big plus
  • Experience with MQTT, Protobuf and Avro is a big plus
  • Strong leadership, flexibility, excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Assertive, well-organized, analytical and having good problem-solving skills
  • Teamplayer within a company that rewards competence, performance and teamwork
  • Drive to excel and result orientation
  • Innovation and Simplicity is key in our business
  • Decision-making, Conflict resolution and Prioritisation skills
  • Resonance with our values: People, Simplicity, Delight Customers, Passion and Sustainability

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