Research Project Executive – Fund application (Bio-Medical Industry)


  • Responsible for organizing the formulation and implementation of scientific research development plans, formulating and implementing various policies and management methods for scientific research.
  • Responsible for formulating annual application plans for various scientific research projects, and organizing project application and approval;
  • Cooperate with various projects to complete the work, and assist the research unit to compile acceptance and appraisal documents and materials.
  • Responsible for organizing scientific research personnel to participate in various science and technology (research) information conferences and exhibitions.
  • Responsible for the organization and management of domestic/foreign academic exchange activities, and the recommendation, registration and management of various societies, associations and other academic groups and science and technology exchange stations in the school.
  • Responsible for the review, signing, registration and management of scientific research project contracts and scientific and technological development project contracts.
  • Responsible for organizing the appraisal, acceptance, review, application of rewards, promotion and application of the school’s scientific research achievements, application for patents, and assisting the school in the protection of intellectual property rights related to scientific research.
  • Responsible for the research and development of scientific research, the collection, sorting and analysis of scientific research information.


  • Bachelor degree or above in related majors in science and engineering (preferred: biology, medicine).
  • Received training in scientific research project management and text writing.
  • More than 3 years of work experience in scientific research project management.
  • Master scientific research project management methods;
  • Good activity organization ability;
  • Work meticulously, carefully, carefully, and have a strong sense of responsibility;
  • Have strong interpersonal communication and coordination skills and strong team awareness.
  • Proficient in written in both English and Chinese

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